Consumers continuously demand new content, added-value services, and high-speed information access.

The telecommunications industry has exponentially grown, and companies have to face diverse challenges.

The non-stop and growing demand for fast connectivity, the arrival of new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and Big Data for making products and services better are some of the trends the telecom industry is facing in the present.

Being an expert in software development for telecommunications companies, we are highly skilled in designing and building telecom software solutions that will boost your business to another level. The telecommunications industry has exponentially grown over the last years, and companies have to constantly face diverse challenges. Consumers continually demand new content, added-value services, and high-speed information access, among others.

Companies need information systems that naturally interface with the heterogeneous landscape of business applications to improve their further operations.

At Vybrant, we are ready to offer IT services for the telecom industry, improve companies' operations, and provide faster and smoother services by developing state-of-the-art software solutions.

As an outsourcing software company, we have plenty of experience developing telecom software solutions, making us experts in the area. We know how to apply the best practices and latest technologies for faster and smoother connections worldwide.


  • Big data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Discovery phase for creating innovative products in the industry
  • Migration and reengineering of legacy applications
  • Functional and automated testing services across traditional and cloud providers
  • Legacy software maintenance and improvement
  • Development of enterprise and mobile applications using the latest technologies and development trends
  • UX/UI design and usability testing and research
  • Unification of several systems in a single CRM
  • Complex system deployment
  • Mobile-legacy systems integration
  • Requirement analysis and development

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