Mobile is redefining our lives and the way we do business.

We exploit the potential of mobile devices with our mobile development services and solutions. We improve the efficiency of different organizations by facilitating the execution of tasks that with today's technology can be performed without the need for a PC.

Nowadays, the majority of companies and businesses around the world have realized the momentum that mobile apps are getting in order to be competitive. Industries of all kinds — from banking, shipping, financial, medical, technology, media, or retail corporations, among many others — have changed their way of working and engaging their clients and have decided to become mobile.

The mobile apps usage is increasing daily, which reveals that mobile will stay for a long time among us. During 1Q of 2020, it is estimated that 2.56 million apps were available just in Google Play Store, while in 2019, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide reached 204 billion. Mobile applications, helped by the arrival of the iPhone, have become one of the most significant software development areas.

Amidst this global scenario, it is not surprising that mobile software development is changing the business landscape, making mobile app development a new standard and fundamental requirement for successful businesses. From startups to large enterprises, all sorts of companies have felt the need to develop innovative and feature-rich apps for their clients and have begun to look for mobile software development companies that help them leap into innovation and digital transformation.

At Vybrant, our engineers and development team continually researches new technologies, platforms, and tools, offering clients quick results through software solutions. Over the years, we have gained experience creating innovative mobile applications and user interfaces for a wide range of clients across numerous industries.

We have vast expertise in both native technologies, such as IOS and Android, and hybrid technologies, like Xamarin, Ionic, Angular, React Native, and Flutter. That allows us to help our clients by creating engaging mobile experiences, taking advantage of responsive design methods, designing consistent look-and-feel and user experiences across different mobile platforms. Our expertise and flexibility allow us to manage projects of different sizes and complexities.


What used to be revolutionary is now part of the status quo. We are committed to being one step ahead and preparing for what is new and relevant throughout mobile app development services.

  • Constant adaptation is a requirement for this changing reality.
  • Multi-technology solutions are a challenge.
  • Security and scalability are priorities.
  • Bringing a fast and comfortable experience for users is a must.
  • Knowledge about new architectures and tools in each platform is necessary.


graphic of software development process

  1. Mobile User Experience. We help our clients create engaging mobile experiences for a specific audience, combining in-depth knowledge of the different platforms and an expert team of UX/UI Designers and Product Owners. All of them will work next to our clients to define functionalities and specific characteristics to reach their audiences effectively.
  2. Mobile Development. As a mobile app development company, we are experts in combining both native and hybrid technologies, leveraging responsive design methods and establishing a consistent user experience across different devices. Our hybrid solutions reduce time-to-market and enable cross-platform portability, reuse pre-built web components, and build and share web content across platforms and device configurations.
  3. Mobile Strategy. We work with your company to enter the mobile world by minimizing wait times and Return of Investment (ROI) successfully.


Native Hybrid
  Apple iOS Android Ionic, React Native, Angular Xamarin Flutter
Languages Swift, Objective-C, C Java, Kotlin Html, JavaScript .Net Dart
Tools XCode Android Studio VS Code Visual Studio Android Studio
Format .app .apk .app or .apk
Store Apple App Store Google Play Apple Store e Google play


  • Hybrid and Native Mobile Development
  • Mobile Integration
  • Mobile Technology Adoption
  • Mobile Consulting

Mobile is a necessity. It is no longer something exclusive to just a few. Vybrant’s mobile application development services bring custom mobile experiences for any iOS and Android. Get to know our mobile development engineers who have helped clients in developing outstanding mobile app solutions.



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