High-performance teams impact on the final product's quality.

Vybrant's Human Resources policy and processes are designed to encourage personal and professional growth of their people. We also provide them with development opportunities in a caring environment.

We strongly believe We Are Our People. Following our mission, our people care policy and processes aim to encourage our people's personal and professional growth and provide them with development opportunities in a caring environment.

We work very hard to give our employees a great career plan and an awesome professional experience. We are proud to have been ranked for several years as a Great Place to Work company.


  1. To pursue professional excellence without disregarding the personal interests of our people.
  2. To establish a long-term relationship with our staff. Our attrition rate is one of the lowest in Latin America.
  3. To provide permanent training and inspiration to our team of professionals.
  4. To improve our processes by generating healthy spaces for dialogue and participation.


  • Mature Human Resources processes. The way we select, make career plans for, mentor, coach, train, and evaluate our people consolidates our culture.
  • Knowledge sharing. We share our knowledge and organize internal (Geek Lunches, Geek Talks) and external (Meetups, talks at universities) conferences where our professionals teach topics within their areas of expertise.
  • Enjoyable environment. We believe that professional excellence is possible in a fun, flexible, and challenging environment.
  • Several cross-organization groups help to maintain and improve our processes. Everyone can be part of this and ensure the company uses the best practices.
  • Team integration. We organize activities that promote inclusion, such as happy hours, wine tastings, and sports events, to name a few.
  • Social commitment. Our professionals have the opportunity to get involved in social responsibility actions through Vybrant's various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Hexacta has state-of-the-art infrastructure, consisting of modern offices and an environment that facilitates teamwork. At the moment, Hexacta has several innovation hubs — not only in Argentina but in other countries (Uruguay, Brazil, and Colombia) — all with different technological capacities and competencies.

Considering Hexacta's work environment, we have consolidated our Healthy Living program, which is based on two main pillars.

Considerando o ambiente de trabalho da Hexacta, consolidamos nosso programa Vida Saudável, que se baseia em dois pilares principais.


This aims to provide appropriate physical activity and balanced nutrition, complete with moments of rest, good hygiene, and avoiding the consumption of substances harmful to the body such as tobacco, alcohol, or any other stimulants.


This concept is vast and considers self-esteem, conflict resolution, work creativity, professional development, interpersonal relationships, and increasing social inclusion.

Vybrant encourages their people to have a healthy lifestyle and to improve their quality of life through policies, practices, and infrastructure. We strongly believe in the Healthy Living concept, which understands that it is not only about physical care but also mental and social care.

  • We follow the A Great Place to Work parameters

Trust is the essential ingredient for the primary workplace relationship between employee and employer. According to this model, trust is composed of three dimensions: Credibility, Respect and Fairness.

  • Credibility: Means managers who maintain regular communication with employees to discuss the company’s direction and plans. It involves asking the employees ideas, coordinating people and resources efficiently and effectively, so that employees know how their work relates to the company’s goals. It is the integrity that the management team brings to the business. To be credible, words must be followed by actions.
  • Respect: Respect involves providing employees with the equipment, resources and training they need to do their jobs. It means appreciating the good work and the extra effort. It includes reaching out to employees and making them partners in the company’s activities, promoting a spirit of collaboration between departments and creating a safe and healthy work environment. Respect means that work-life balance is a practice, not a slogan.
  • Justice: In a fair organization, the economical success is shared through an egalitarian way, this includes remuneration programs and benefits. Every employee receives an egalitarian opportunity of recognition. Decisions on hiring and promotions are made impartially, and the work environment seeks to be free from discrimination, with transparent appeals and dispute mediation processes. To be fair, you must be honest.

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