“We live and breathe IT services, which is a field that’s very competitive and dynamic. In order to achieve success, we always prioritize our customers and invest great amounts of effort to best attract, develop and retain talents. It’s inspiring to me to start my day knowing that I’ll always have something to learn with the talented people that I work with.”

- Mauro Epstein.

Mauro is focused in the Brazillian market and is responsible for the local business. He invests his time in Sales and Marketing, as well as attracting, developing and retaining local talents. Before he kicked off Hexacta in Brazil, Mauro worked at McKinsey & Company in his São Paulo Office for 4 years. He has been involved in various sectors and projects - to mention a few, financial, telecommunications, technology and retail services. In addition to this, he is also proficient working both locally (LOCAL)  and internationally. Most of his assignments as a leader were focused on improving operations, technologies and innovations.

Before McKinsey, Mauro worked on EDS in the field of Tech Services from 1990 to 1995. There, he was responsible for attending both LATAM and the US.Before that, he worked in Phillips’ Telecommunication division with Sales and Marketing.

Mauro has a Major in Electrical Engineering via FAAP. Also has an MBA (QUAL MBA) via FGV - both in São Paulo, Brasil - and has participated in an exchange program in McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

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