Founded in São Paulo, 1975, Scopus was one of the top ten when it comes to IT Services in Brasil, until it was bought by Banco do Bradesco in 2019.


Scopus was founded in 1975 by the same engineers that elaborated the first brazilian computer, in partnership with POLI-USP. Being pioneers in the IT brazilian market, by 2020, Scopus attended various IT services with a high standard for quality control, agility, security and innovation. Akin to financial market applications, Scopus has its reach in most IT fields, ranging from infrastructure services to development of solutions regarding business applications such as telecom, finances, commerce, manufacture, services, among others.


Hexacta was among the first consultancies that acts as a partner to Scopus for outsourcing in system development projects. The partnership started in 2002 and has endured until 2019, in the same year that Bradesco acquired Scopus. In those 17 years, Hexacta has delivered more than 500 thousand hours of development in more than 900 delivered projects, always in tune with the latest technologies in the market, aligning the challenges presented by Scopus with an excellent IT solution.



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