Embratel is one of the most innovative and respected companies in Brazil. Its portfolio is complete as it includes converged solutions for IT and Telecommunications with mobility. Among the offerings are corporate cellular telephony, fixed telephony, data transmission, Telepresence, Cloud Computing, IT solutions, Security, Data Center and satellite solutions.


With extensive experience in providing technological solutions for large events, it is the only supplier in the Brazilian market capable of delivering the highest level of infrastructure with fully integrated technology to the largest and best telecommunications network in Latin America, ensuring greater efficiency in the delivery of its services to companies of all sizes, segments and regions in Brazil. Embratel is part of the América Móvil Group and was the Official Sponsor and Provider of Telecommunications Services for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The company had three different systems, Invoicing, Corporate Registration and HelpDesk (CRM) and suffered from serious billing problems due to discrepancy between the systems. With a very comprehensive registration base (total volume of data in the order of 50T) and updates originated in the three systems, it needed a registration synchronization solution that addressed the needs below:

  • Low replication time of corrected data;
  • Reduction in the number of complaints to Anatel from customers due to registration failures;
  • Reduction of costs with invoices for the same customers;
  • Streamline the billing/receipt process (enable billing in the current month).



Hexacta Brasil was responsible for the analysis of the root caus of registration asynchrony problems and subsequent design and implementation of a system that corrected the registration divergences between the Arbor (billing), CDS (corporate customer registration) and Siebel (CRM) systems of Embratel. Due to its criticality, in this project we also had the help of some specialist professionals provided by Hexacta Argentina. Below, are some activities performed by the Hexacta team in the project:

  • Review of processes by a multidisciplinary team, from the origin of the information to the issuance of the invoice
  • Problems that produce greater results were identified and their solution were prioritized
  • Due to the magnitude and complexity of the databases, it was not economically feasible to unify them.
  • Hexacta has developed an intelligent mechanism (Sync system) for synchronizing customer information in the various databases
  • New customer management tools were created and implemented for the call center


The solution developed by Hexacta (Sync system) was designed to solve Embratel's corporate registration problems, covering the following requirements:

  • Implement mechanisms to guarantee registration synchronization between billing systems, CRM and interface with telcos;
  • Offer a cadastral management tool for accounts, services and packages (promotions);
  • Propose a flexible architecture for a future migration to use EAI tool;
  • Systems involved: Siebel, Arbor, CDS (legacy) and WebSphere;


The Sync system also contained a user friendly interface designed for use by Embratel's call center team with the objective of providing a tool for manual handling of registration asynchrony between its systems. Its main features were:

  • Real-time consultation of the customer's registration status in Embratel's three systems (Arbor, CDS and Siebel);
  • Resolution tips via color panel;
  • Transactions with transactional processing;
  • Processing return guarantee if the operation is not carried out.


With the implementation of the Sync system, Embratel was able to achieve the following results:

  • Reduction of the account repudiation percentage;
  • Reduction of the time between the use and the telephone bill;
  • Reduction in the number of HelpDesk calls;
  • Estimated savings of R$ 7.2 Million/year in reduction of invoices issued by grouping;
  • Revenue increase of R$4.2 Million/year due to the reduction of CDRs held due to failure of synchronization;
  • R$0.6 million/year increase in payments due to a decrease in returned invoices.;

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