Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

Formed by Dell and EMC’s merge in the 2016, Dell Technologies marks a milestone for the conclusion of largest technology contract in history.


EMC Corporation was founded in 1979. Initially focused in selling hardware components, has transitioned into the digital storage solutions market in the start of the 2000’s. In the same decade of this transition, it was recognized as one of the biggest software companies in the world. Its solutions were directed towards data storage, information security, analytics, cloud computing, amongst other products and services. In 2016, EMC merged with Dell Inc (founded in 1984 by Michael Dell), and later would become the largest computer hardware distributor of the U.S, also having a strong foothold in the world market for PCs.


IT service provision with Dell’s high quality standards. The challenge encapsulated talent sourcing, development and retention to specific company projects.


Candidate qualification and selection to be allocated in Dell’s projects, as well as their professional development and retention.

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