In the market for more than two decades, Aquanima is Santander’s purchasing hub. It aims to maximize cost reduction to customers, with solutions to strategic negotiations, recurring purchases and managing contracts and suppliers.


Founded in 2001, Aquanima has utilized Grupo Santander’s structure to acquire the necessary infrastructure and resources to help its customers achieve more efficient results for their businesses. Its main objective is to maximize savings for its customers, connecting value solutions to their needs, making us their strategic partners to aggregate value to the business and helping them achieve maximum efficiency.


Being the first international Hexacta costumer, Aquanima was in search of a partner tech company to customize Ariba Marketplace’s solution and integrate it to their various ERP customers. Hexacta was indicated to Aquanima by Ariba itself due to the success of Constructive Project (which was the first successful implementation of Ariba’s Marketplace solution in the Brazilian market). Below are the most important challenges addressed by the project:

  • Development of a shopping Marketplace portal aimed at large Spanish companies;
  • Automatic integration with buyers' ERPs
  • Implementation of a high availability portal;
  • Automaticatic integration with suppliers.


This project was executed in conjunction with Hexacta Argentina. Brazil’s team was responsible for the entire technical solution to the project, and the argentinian team was in charge of customer interface, helping with project requisite analysis and refinement.
The project aimed to implement and customize version 7.2 of the Ariba Marketplace solution on Aquanima's Spanish portal and was developed entirely using Java J2EE technology. Among the activities developed during the project, the most relevant were the construction of a generic integration module (via XML/XSLT) with the ERP systems of the associated companies, customization of the application's billing module to support Spanish taxes, localization of the application for the Spanish language and adaptation of the application's visual standard for integration into the Aquanima portal. The technologies involved in this project were Java J2EE, BEA WebLogic, Ariba MarketPlace 7.2, JSPs, Oracle 8.X and CVS. The main activities developed for the project are listed below:

  • Implementation and customization of Ariba Marketplace and Ariba Buyer Solutions for 10 large corporations linked to Santander Group (Banesto, CEPSA, Agrolimen, IDH, Santander Portugal, Dragados..etc)
  • Integration with suppliers, catalog architecture, redesign of purchasing processes, back office integration via Oracle financials.
  • QA validation of the entire Ariba Buyer project in Santander


The translator developed by Hexacta enabled the integration of Ariba Marketplace with the following systems:

  • SAP;
  • JD Edwards;
  • Ariba Buyer;
  • BuzzTalk;


The translator developed by Hexacta resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Loosely coupled solution to be compatible with any ERP;
  • Use of market products in the creation of the solution, not depending on proprietary platforms;
  • Robust architecture served as an argument to convince buyers and sellers to transact through the marketplace;
  • Customizations to allow returns, partial deliveries and invoice.

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