Present in the IT market for more than 30 years, 7COMm has helped companies to accelerate their ability to respond to market changes and in the digital innovation of their businesses.


Founded in 1986, the company 7COMm is recognized as a reference in providing IT services and solutions with a focus on software and systems development.

There are more than 10 million hours of system development and thousands of companies connected by our EDI solution. We completed more than 800 projects for one of the larges banks in Brazil and developed complex and mission critical systems for one of the largest Stock Exchanges in the world.


By signing a contract with the largest private financial institution in Brazil, 7COMm was looking for a partner to support the service of various projects for the development of applications for internet and mobile.


Since 2019, Hexacta Brasil (Now Vybrant) has been working on various software development projects in partnership with 7COMm using our software factory team. Among the works developed in partnership, we can mention:


Since 2019, Hexacta Brasil has been working on several software development projects. We worked together with the 7COMm development team to rewrite the balance and extract application of internet banking to a new standard in a hybrid architecture, based on Angular and microservices.

Corporate clients onboarding the international website

We are currently working together with 7COMm in the project of systemic onboarding of clients from the corporate channel to the new international channel. This project is a highly critical project that involves the integration of several corporate systems of the bank, such as corporate registration, company segmentation, user and company restrictions, access management, creation of contract digital signatures, workflow approval and integration of the internet channel server with cloud services.

Desktop and Mobile corporate PIX Applications

We work with the 7COMm project teams in the squad model for the evolution of PIX applications from the corporate segment to the mobile and desktop channels in accordance with Central Bank resolutions. Among the most recent features delivered, we can mention the development of payment and transfer scheduling services, PIX implementation of withdrawals and change, contesting transactions, management of limits and registration of contacts and beneficiaries.

Handling of Mobile corporate production incidents

Since the beginning of 2021, Hexacta has been working together with 7COMm for the analysis and correction of production incidents of mobile services for corporate accounts.

Technological migration from Websphere Application Server Version 8 ambient to version 9.

We have been working together with 7COMm, since mid-2021, for the review and correction of the corporate mobile applications to make them compatible with the bank's new technological architecture, based on WAS 9 with Java 8.

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